Marvelous Belgaum

Climate Change In Belagavi

Climate Change In Belagavi

Rains that almost washed away the life at Hukkeri

Do your parents too tell you about how soothing was the climate of Belgaum city, about how things have now changed drastically! From being called mini Mahabaleshwar we have indeed come far, and now all you are certain about the climate of Belgaum is its uncertainty.

The recent year recorded the most disastrous and concerning monsoon floods ever in the history of Belgaum district. However, this doesn’t stop here, we are bound to see the worse coming, only not if we do not take the right steps, right away!

The rains that almost washed away the life at Hukkeri village left people wondering about how nature can take its revenge on how we treat it. It’s traumatizing to see the cars flow away in floods like it’s just some small piece of material. People trying to hold themselves with a withe, and even running to the shops nearby for shelter, and many more of such painful experiences that they have been facing, the imagination of which also gives us goosebumps!

Do we still deny to the fact that nothing can stand against nature’s will and survive, how far will Nature have to go, to teach humans a lesson, Global warming is a warning, grip yourself to the righteous before it’s too late and there is no way back left.

Let's come to Togehter and Take The Pledge!

Let us pledge to take the Climate change seriously and make sure to do the right thing by avoiding as much deforestation as possible, grow more trees, save water, electricity, and save every other direct and indirect forms of the natural resources.

Love the Nature and save it in its calm form,
If not when the coin is flipped and Nature exposes us to its disastrous form, nothing will ever remain the same, nothing will be a norm!

Author : Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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