Marvelous Belgaum

Goan Food in Belagavi

Goan Food in Belagavi

Sea Food In the City - Belgaum

Seafood is one of the key element that attracts Belgaumites to Goa. But recent pandemic has cost us Belgaumites to restrict ourselves to stay in city. So where should we go for seafood? Not to worry, Belgaum also hosts variety of seafood restaurants.

It serves some amazing deliciousness of Surmai Thali, Paplet Thali, Prawn fries, Bangda Rawa fry with variety of Chutneys, different types of Fish Curries, and to cooldown all the spices, the Chatpata Solkadi is always available sum up any perfect Goan Seafood.

Belgaum Is No Less !!​

Although few people still feel the anxiety that going out for a seafood meal in a public restaurant in this COVID situation is risky. At that time Belgaum also offers a couple of places where one person from your family can buy the favorite fishes, prawns, crabs, and shrimps.

This can be helpful in two ways, number one being helping the street vendors and number two, you can always have a tasty seafood meal prepared in your home as per your requirements. Well, we all know that the Rava Bangada, Surmai has always been a special dish in most of the Belgamite’s houses.

Author : Sourabh Deshpande & Ritesh Khatavkar

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