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The future of India lies in its villages

The future of India lies in its villages

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what we as a Team at marvelous Belgaum believe in is that there is a need for the promotion of smart villages too. A perfect combination would be that of smart villages and smart farmers. The reason being, villages are the backbone of India.

Indian villages contribute the most to the Indian economy. Residents of these villages are entitled to basic human rights. Their self-reliance in the villages continues to grow and they will continue to strengthen India’s future. Smart Village Initiative has recently been adopted across Indian villages. In the coming days, The Smart Village Initiative is working to turn villages into smart. The soul of a nation lives in its villages. The Smart Villages Initiative aims to support self-reliant and thriving villages for future generations.

Governments have been promising a lot of things, but what’s appreciable is that this time it’s not just a promise. The present government led by Mr. Narendra Modi went one step ahead to start the initiative of the smart village.


Smart Village = Ideal Village + Digital Village

Before making Smart Village, It should become SIMPLE village first with basic facilities.

  • Roads
  • Electricity
  • water
  • hospitals  
  • schools 

And we are indeed thankful to the government for this initiative!

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAANJHI) on 11th October 2014

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The state government and the parliament also have similar plans to see smart villages developed, especially when it is the right time to develop villages after work from home increases, thus reducing the pressure on big cities. 

The village called Punsari in Gujarat is India’s first smart village. There are facilities like Wi-Fi, 24×7 power, and security cameras, etc which are not available in many cities.

So let’s praise and pressure the government to come up with more of such projects. Let’s not restrict our dreams to merely cities or villages, but the country as a whole. #Jai hind, #Jai Karnataka 

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