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Was 'Baba ka Dhaba' merely a trend? Or a real-time effort to support the needy?

Was "Baba Ka Dhaba" merely a trend? Or a real-time effort to support the needy?

Smaller the Business, bigger the effort!

The pandemic and its effects have been witnessed by many. But there have been a few whose lives have been shattered by this demon. The society is trying to regain its lost balance. However, from the perspective of a common man, what can be said is that the common man is trying to fit in Darwin’s theory, the survival of the fittest.

Careers have been seeing a downhill, but what about those whose careers are completely destroyed and they have families to look after, what about those who have served people in different ways but now are facing a devasted situation with no hope?


A name that so known, every belgamite if ever has learned the skill of swimming is because of Mr. Kallapa Krishana Patil, He is a sports enthusiast, he has been serving as a professional swimming coach for ages now. He had a very delightful life. A happy family, a fulfilling job, and love from loads of people.

What might seem obvious to you, can mean a world to a needy!

However, not even in dreams, he thought that something like this was coming, the Pandemic. With the lockdown, every place where the crowd could gather was shut. And his job, in particular, wasn’t something that had any chance of getting better anytime sooner. The swimming coach, a lifeguard to the swimmers, now was struggling for his mere survival. But one thing was destined that he would never, ever give up!

He has now started from scratch, he is selling dry fruits just outside of that swimming pool campus where he once happily splashed water, he is building the foundation to his life again, trying to find hope, and all he seeks for is a little support, at least from those Belgaumites whose life he is been guarding since ages now.


‘Baba ka Dhaba’ isn’t the only one that needs support, we all need to come together to support these small businesses, to at least help them survive, kind request from team Marvelous Belgaum to come together and buy your necessities from these local vendors and help serve their families.

Author : Aishwarya Arvind Raikar

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